Born and raised on military bases, Ed never lived in one place for more than two years until attending college. This itinerant early life forced him to connect with people and make friendships quickly, a skill that has proven extremely useful throughout his life. He genuinely enjoys meeting new people and finds himself eager to learn about and laugh with new friends. 

Ed settled in Seattle after graduating and has been in the Pacific Northwest ever since. He started a family and now has 2 children with his wife Vickie. They enjoy kayaking in the Puget Sound, attending comic book conventions, board gaming and endless movies together.

Ed is keenly aware that being in front of a camera can be uncomfortable and intimidating, most of us aren’t models in real life. His outgoingness and ‘fun’ approach to photography helps to lighten the mood and capture candid images that are often lost in staged by-the-book photoshoots. 

Ed's work has been seen in Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian UK and Vanity Fair among others. 

Want to discuss a photoshoot? Want to grab a latte? Give Ed a call, he's nice.

*Family photo by John Kieltyka